Arizona Biltmore Underground Piping Replacement Project

This project consisted of installation of 3000 feet of Uponor pre-insulated piping to be installed underground. The piping installed was 4" chilled water supply and return, 4" domestic hot supply and 2" return, as well as 4" domestic cold water supply.The project also included the replacement of the 6" copper incoming domestic cold water main and carbon steel chilled water piping inside of the central plant. 

Discount Tire Corporate Office Tower Replacement Project


This project consisted of removing two BAC FXV series fluid coolers and installing two Mueller plate and frame heat exchangers with three RSD fiberglass rectangular cooling towers. This project not only saved in the cost of installation, but decreased net horsepower by 45% in the central plant.

Verve Commercial Cooling Tower Replacement Project

Nova Management Tower Replacement Project

This project consisted of removal of an undersized bac vc style fluid cooler. The existing fluid cooler was sized at 65 tons installed in a 120 ton building. We removed this tower and installed a new rsd fiberglass open tower with a mueller stainless steel plate and frame. The project was started and completed over the weekend and reduced plant horsepower by 65%.